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We strive to visit your property every other month to read your natural gas meter. If we can't access your meter because of vegetation, a protective dog, weather, or a locked gate or on months we do not read the meter, you will receive a bill based on estimated natural gas use. In this case, the word “Estimated” will appear in the meter reading section on page 1 of your bill.

On months we don’t visit, you can easily submit your meter reading online or by telephone. Getting an actual read helps with bill accuracy and ensures your meter is working safely. If your meter is behind a locked gate, please provide your meter reading.

If you would like to provide a reading, you can enter it below or login to your account and submit it under the My Gas Meter tab. You can also sign up to receive an email or text to remind you when it’s time to read your meter.

How to read your meter

Enbridge Gas uses two different types of meters. Find out how to read your meter.

Reading your meter

Submit meter reading

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